How OCD Takes the Living out of Life

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Over Compulsive Disorder is very much a mental complaint that we the sufferer fight to control twenty fours a day seven days a week. OCD is like; buy one get one free offer down at the local supermarket. A two in one offer where bargain of the day is pain.

We have the mental hurt accompanied by the physical pain like backache, headache, cramp and much more while seeking contentment.

Depending on the individual symptoms may differ.

Victims usually suffer from back pain due to a second carpeting of bits on the floor? An OCD victim is more times on bended knee than those of any priest or vicar believe me. Pockets in an apron are a necessity for an over compulsive disorder sufferer. Why? Well because this is a great place to stash every bit or crumb picked up from the floor.

No matter how severe the agony of back pain, you may bet an OCD sufferer will find a way to stoop to remove the offending bit of fluff. This offensive alien no bigger than the size of a pin head can cause severe heartache till exterminated.

Crumbs are enough to send an OCD victim to hell and back.

How OCD dominates our eating habits.

Before sitting down to eat, forced upon us is the imaginary stop watch where count down begins to finish a meal. A sufferer you will find will never have the time to digest the content of dinner tea or supper due to the need of the plate being washed and put away.
Shopping lists will never consist of rich tea biscuits/crisps or a crusty loaf.

Colour of packaging and labels denote what goes in to a sufferer’s pantry and heaven forbid should the sugar bag split.
An OCD sufferer and the visitor not a match made in heaven. The guest has to comply with all the ground rules, where if a sandwich is served up then it is eaten outside with Jack Frost.

Could this be the reason why many victims of OCD lead a lonely life? Choices have to be made where you are faced with two options. Do you allow visitors to pop in for a chat or opt for a world of silence?

Silence is golden in the eyes of an OCD victim;

Over Compulsive Disorder is dictator in our lives where it slowly takes the living out of life.

Understanding and trying to control why we do what we do, is still very distant in our thoughts. So until we have the answer we will continue to hope and cope with the pressure stress and anxiety that comes with OCD and of course a prayer to God.

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